Texas brings a smile to my face and (blank) inches to my waistline.

While I visit family in Texas there are a few places that we always wind up going to. Whether it is a push or a tug we follow where it leads. One such place is Francisco’s in Kerrville. At some point many years ago we decided to go there for lunch. It was a hit! For years now the four of us i.e. my Grandmother, my mom, one of her sisters, and myself have all eaten basically the same thing. For some odd reason we don’t try even a different day to see if we like other specials as much (we went once for dinner but it’s a blank, I really don’t remember it at all). We go Wednesday. Every year. Have the Spicy Chicken Salad Chalupa x4 with tortilla soup. If it happens to be fall we order the Pumpkin Cheesecake. Although I am not fond of cheesecake I liked this and it has led to the weeks of cheesecake I have had to eat. I will explain, since my mother liked this cheesecake immediately she requested I make it for the family. While growing up my mother tried to instill in us kids a yearly routine that seemed to only stick inside me, the youngest. That routine was Pumpkins… What I mean by that is as soon as pumpkin season starts we/I start to buy them, proceed to cut, boil, peel, and puree. Then I start to bake. I have expounded the list of items since I got tired of pies to rolls, cheesecake, cookies, dip for cookies, soups, etc…all the way till they stop selling pumpkins sometimes in Jan. So here come in the Cheesecakes, obviously you will only have a slice or two a day, take into consideration that after a few days the number of people eating it drops considerably and even if you had a group the first day it was still a rich 9″ or 10″ piece of perfection. For some reason we never freeze it. We just eat, eat until its gone. I guess I should be thankful that we don’t try other things. For years my mom has wanted to try and reproduce their Chalupa’s and I haven’t given her any hope. I have also eaten the green enchiladas another special on Wednesday, while very good they have no spice to them at all and I like hot Green salsa and make it at home so it takes away from it a little. However, we will continue to eat there for years to come and I hope that you can enjoy it as much as we do.Francisco's Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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